The Shallow Grave is one of the country’s Top Rated Haunted Houses invites you to experience a Haunted Attraction unlike any other in the state of Florida. Now sitting at nearly 13,000 Square Feet of Terror, The Shallow Grave pushes you to your limits while hitting all of your senses forcing you to question whether this is real or not. Once again for the 2017 season The Shallow Grave offers you two Large Haunted Houses for one price.

Introducing for 2017 The Shallow Grave brings to you, “BETRAYAL”, navigate your way through hordes of the undead on the run down property of Thaddeus Van Buren as you find yourself in the middle of an uprising. A new Van Buren stalks these hidden corridors, he may be family, but he is looking to break more than bread at this reunion of sorts.

Returning for 2017 is Pavor Nocturnus, a twisted spin on some phobias, and a ride into the deepest darkest parts of the subconscious, loaded with new characters, scares, and themes you experience heart racing and stomach turning sights and sounds that will haunt you long after you leave.

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